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Dave Paul, Program Manager

ISC Business Continuity Program has grown substantially over the past 9 years. We have over 20 Centers, Schools, and Departments participating in our Business Continuity Program covering over 75 critical applications for the University. The cornerstone of our delivery capability is three fold; a partnership with an industry leading Business Continuity vendor, an excellent Vaulting Services Company location 90 miles N.W. of computing facilities and a dedicated link for generating real time to near real time remote disk mirroring of data and backups to protect University data assets. We maintain this dedicated fiber loop, diverse routed, between campus and our business continuity site. Also located at SunGard are numerous Penn owned assets that facilitate rapid recovery and to store backup Penn data assets on disk.

We simulate a real disaster situation in our two-- forty hour tests per year involving over 125 individuals from around the University. These tests are designed to continuously improve our processes and procedures in concert with our clients, with an additional goal of reducing our recovery window in the event of a crisis. ISC is also very involved with the University Division of Public Safety to ensure that our planning is consistent with the University Plans as well as actively contributing to the planning efforts of the University in this regard. We manage the environment that contains the University Wide Crisis Management Plan and participate in University exercises.

The basic parameter of our contractual relationship with our Business Continuity vendor, in addition to network and technical support provided by ISC, includes the following:

  • Business Continuity equipment for testing & testing time (two forty hour test periods per calendar year).

  • Business Continuity technical support during testing and/or actual disaster recovery situation.

  • Dedicated fiber optic link between Business Continuity site and the University.

  • Business Continuity equipment usage for six weeks post disaster.

  • Business Continuity technical office space for six weeks post disaster.

  • Network connectivity between PennNet, Business Continuity infrastructure and High Availability; the location of Penn owned assets.

  • Recovery of the application expected within 8 to 24 hours or less in the event of a disaster with active participation by clients and ISC/SEO.

  • Data center space housing University of Pennsylvania supplied replacement equipment for a period up to 6 months following a disaster. If needed, optional workstations, telephones, fax and work area for University personnel following a disaster and for use up to 6 months.

  • ACD telephony services.

  • Coordinate move of replacement hardware back to permanent campus location.


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