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Donna Manley, Senior IT Director

Facilities Managed Computing

Facilities Managed Computing is a collocation service provided in the ISC Data Center. The service allows for clients to house their computer equipment in one of the Data center’s secure Facilities Managed spaces while continuing to have access to their equipment.

ISC Computer Operations, which provides the Facilities Managed Computing service, follows University of Pennsylvania and ISC policies. We have the following certifications ISO 9001:2008, FISMA (NIST 800-53), HIPAA, and PCI.

List of services provided and Client responsibilites

Web Intake Links

Data Center Access Request
For clients with equipment located in the Main Data Center, use this link to request access to the Main Data Center
For clients with equipment located in the FM3 Room at South Bank, use this link to document guest that accompany you into the room

FM Client Service Request
Use the link above to notify Computer Operations of a problem, make an access request to a FM Room or request services
Instructions for FM Client Service Request

FM Client Equipment Change Request
Use the link above to inform Computer Operations of equipment changes within your racks
Instructions for FM Client Equipment Change Request

Data Center Documents

Data Center Metrics for February 2014
FM3 (South Bank) Information Sheet
ISC Computer Operations Facilities Managed Data Center SLA

Please contact Computer and Data Operations for additional information regarding services and pricing.

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