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265C, 3401 Walnut St./6228
Donna Manley, Senior IT Director

Storage Management

Our Storage Management discipline meets the requirements for an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system; all services assure continuous improvement by meeting customer requirements. Storage Management is responsible for the following process areas:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Storage Allocation
  • Fiber Channel Switch and Zoning
  • Performance and Monitoring
  • Remote Replication

The Storage Management Service provides an array of services pertaining to several storage types such as:

  • High performing SVC (SAN Volume Controller)
  • IBM DS series
  • Hitachi Storage
  • Mainframe DASD
  • Virtual tapes and standard tapes

Backup and restore are also included in the service. Most of the equipment is configured with alerts and notifications that are automatically produced. RAID 5 provides increased storage functions and redundancy. Please contact Storage Management for additional information.

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