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3600 Market St.
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William Ramirez, Technical Director

The Infrastructure Development team utilizes the latest technologies to provide solutions to technical issues on the University administrative systems. This service encompasses test and development servers, standalone departmental, and multi-server or highly available mission critical services. Infrastructure Development offers systems administration for servers running LINUX, Windows, Mainframe and VMware.

Infrastructure Development provides network administration and monitoring functions to ensure stable network connections. This is a key infrastructure service which provides the essential data communication layer required to ensure delivery of core IT functionality to the University. Network Administration includes all hardware aspects of the network architecture for Firewalls, VPN, and Load Balancing.

The heart of Infrastructure Development is Security Administration which focuses on keeping the University’s data secure. Security Administration includes the account administration on the Mainframe, Data Warehouse, Windows, LINUX, and AIX operating systems. Systems monitoring and alerting allows administrators to receive timely notification of security issues and protect systems from being compromised.

Please contact Infrastructure Development regarding additional information on service offerings.

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